Greer Streetscape Project Progresses

The next step in Greer’ ambitious Streetscape project has begun. Sossamon Construction recently submitted the winning bid for the City of Greer’s Streetscape project.  Construction is expected to last 18 months.

For those not aware of Greer’s Streetscape project here is a little background information:

Growth and time take a toll on any city’s infrastructure.

The City of Greer is no different, as water, sewer and gas lines beneath historic Greer Station buried for 75-100 years struggled to keep up with the City’s tremendous growth, especially over the last 20 years. Replacing cracked and deteriorating pipes with modern utilities allows the City of Greer to meet the demand of future growth in the central business district.

“This is one of those projects that we do about every 75 to 100 years and it just happens to be the time to do it,” Greer City Administrator Ed Driggers said. “It is aging infrastructure and it will be a very complex project on which we are partnering with Greer CPW. We’ve been working with our downtown merchants for a couple of years now, advising and preparing them for this.”

Utility work by Greer CPW and its contractors began in June of 2017. As CPW wrapped up the majority of its downtown work, the City of Greer’s contractors worked to improve parking and alleys during the summer months of 2018. A major streetscape project is planned next, one that will includes milling Trade Street down to one inch below the curb line and repaving, repairing all broken curbing and gutters, ensuring ADA accessibility and installing all new landscaping. Estimated at more than $5 million, the project will be assisted by $775,000 from the Greenville County Legislative Delegation (a 75%-25% proposal to the City of Greer).

The City has created the Future Greer website to allow the public to keep up with news and timing of this major project. Register for email updates to have the latest news sent directly to your inbox, then get ready to enjoy the Future Greer!




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